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Mill Lane A275 Traffic Crossing Feasibility Study Results

For many years the Parish Council has attempted to achieve a pedestrian crossing at or near the junction of Mill Lane and the A275. The first feasibility study was carried out in 2011 but more recently, the feasibility study undertaken in 2020 looked at two possibilities:
1.  A controlled crossing on the A275 to the south side of Mill Lane Jct. estimated cost £245,000
2 . Two uncontrolled pedestrian refuge islands on A275 either side of Mill Lane Jct.  estimated cost £85,000
The Parish Council considered the report in 2020 and concluded that the uncontrolled crossing would not be considered safe enough based on the feasibility report, and the controlled crossing would be unaffordable for the Parish Council, so could not realistically be considered.
Nevertheless  as there was still a strong desire for a crossing amongst the Councillors and  residents and school children who have to cross the A275 regularly, in 2023 we requested a further feasibility report to consider dropped kerbs, tactile paving and footpath improvement, to cross A275 south of Mill Lane. 
This ‘desk top study’ took into account the last speed data collection which was in 2019 which shows drivers mainly (on average) driving at 40mph, which is the speed limit. It also looked at the accident record for the  period 2020 – 2023 which showed 1 ‘slight’ accident on Mill Lane. (In fact if you look at the area of the A275 up to Markstakes and down to Grantham Close, the number rises to 4 ‘slight’ accidents and 1 serious.)
The conclusion of the latest feasibility study is as follows
‘An uncontrolled crossing does not provide precedence to pedestrians, good judgement is required from the pedestrians and pedestrians may have much longer waiting times on busy routes. Elderly, disabled pedestrians or school children may find them difficult to use, particularly on busy routes.
For these reasons, the proposed uncontrolled crossing facilities would not provide the benefits to pedestrians at this location and East Sussex Highways would not recommend that the introduction of an uncontrolled crossing point with dropped kerbs and tactile paving, on the A275 south of the Mill Lane Junction be considered further. The option of a signalled crossing developed in 2011 would be more appropriate at this location.
Regrettably therefore, at the most recent Parish Council Meeting, Councillors accepted that the only crossing of any kind that is likely to meet with ESH approval is a controlled one. In 2020 this was costed at approximately £245,000 which was significantly beyond our reach. It is likely to be considerably more expensive now.
Our available funds are (approximately) £22,000 and although some Community Infrastructure Funds could be bid for from Lewes Council, we fall way short of the necessary funds, even if we were successful in the bidding process.
Additionally, a Controlled Crossing would involve the provision of road lighting on and to the approaches of the crossing facility and Councillors are aware that there has in the past been resistance to this from residents who live close to the proposed crossing site. 5 new street lighting columns might be required.
We attach below the latest feasibility report for you to view. We shall continue to search for viable solutions which include reminding East Sussex Highways and Lewes District Council that as long as planning permission for new developments in Chailey continue to be awarded, thereby increasing both the traffic and the number of residents who wish to cross the A275, a far more meaningful financial contribution will be needed from the developers to insure the future road safety in the area.
Elizabeth Berry
Chair, Chailey Parish Council
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Community Transport Survey

Community Transport Sussex is working in partnership with Parish/Town Councils and other community transport operators by carrying out a short survey to help understand the need in local areas and inform Planning of local transport provision across Sussex. Would you be able to help the Community Transport team by completing the survey attached here 

If you have any trouble accessing this form, then please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk at Chailey Parish Council.

Tel: 01825 722388

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Message from East Sussex Highways


Beggars Wood, Chailey

Balfour Beatty is working in partnership with East Sussex County Council to manage the highways service across East Sussex. As part of this, we will be carrying out targeted patch repairs in Beggars wood, Chailey.

Once completed, these works will help improve the condition of the road surface.

When do they start?

Work will be carried out between Wednesday 20 March and Thursday 21 March.

We will inform you of any changes to the dates or times via advanced warning signs on site.

How will this impact highway users?

We will be working near junction A272 and Beggars Wood. A diversion route will be in place via Haywards Heath Road, North Common Road & vice versa.

The road will be closed to through traffic between 7am and 7pm.

If you need vehicle access, please discuss this with the team on site to see if this is possible. Please bear in mind there will be delays whilst the area is made safe, and your vehicle is escorted by site marshalls.

Information for residents and businesses

Parking: If required, we will put out ‘no parking’ signs and cones on the site to advise where parking is restricted. Please avoid parking in these locations as it will delay our works.

Weather: All of these works are subject to favourable weather conditions, for example heavy rain may affect the progress of the works.

Properties close to the carriageway may experience a temporary disturbance as this can be a noisy process and those properties may experience flashing lights and reversing sirens.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise in advance for any inconvenience or disruption this work may cause, however this forms part of our continuing improvement for the East Sussex highway network. For information on roadworks and journey planning, visit Please follow us on X (formerly Twitter) @esccroads or Facebook @EastSussexHighways for updates. If you would like to know more about East Sussex Highways and what we do, please visit our website

Thank you,

East Sussex Highways


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Chailey Parish Council meeting with East Sussex Highways – 19th February 2024

The Council met with Highways in February.  Evidently, and following many complaints, we discussed potholes.  Telephone reports may be made on 0345 6080193 or, for preference, through the website Welcome to East Sussex Highways Highways requested that residents identify clearly the location of the pothole along the road. 

We discussed in particular the A275 in South Chailey but were disappointed to learn that this road is slated for full repair only in 2025/26;  however, we were encouraged to report the two drain covers currently lifting.  The bridge at Goldbridge is unlikely to be fully repaired before the end of this year.  The design for amber-warning lights on the approach to Mill Lane should be completed before Easter, and the gully along the A275 and into Warrs Hill is to be cleared.

Since our meeting the Council has commented on the East Sussex draft Local Transport Plan to the effect that it broadly ignores traffic along the Northern East-West route (A272) – travelling to employment in mid-Sussex and to the Princess Royal, a problem also reflected in the zoning of the recent Flexibus.

Finally, we requested Highways review the pavements and lack of a crossing facility along the A272 opposite Chailey Heritage.

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Making Your Home Warmer and More Sustainable

Eco Home Extravaganza at Lewes Town Hall on 18th May from 10am to 3pm (entrance on Fisher Street). Free community event with lots of information about making your home warmer and more sustainable, giving advice on saving money, grants and other tips and support. Speak directly with architects and installers of heat pumps and solar panels in a relaxed environment. Family friendly event, café and a range of other local sustainable businesses. Everyone welcome !”



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Repair Cafe Press Release – March2024


We were seriously busy at the last Chailey Repair Café, where we tacked a seized up printer, a Henry Hoover, an elephant, a helicopter, a laughing buddha who had lost his hands and more than 80 other challenging  repairs. Our talented fabrics team will always do their best to repair clothing and zips. Please note that, although  we don’t have time to do zip replacements, we can nearly always fix them for you!

As we head into Spring, we’ll now start seeing your cycles which have been loitering in sheds and need some attention, as well as mowers and garden machinery such as trimmers and hedge cutters (you know – those ones where you have accidently cut through the lead….??!!!)

Bring us your garden tools which need sharpening and our   state of the art sharpening machine will soon sort those  out, as  well as your kitchen  knives and workshop  tools.

Our 2024 dates are easy to remember – we are open every 2nd Saturday of each month between 10am – 1pm (9th Mar, 13th April,  11th May and so on). Please remember that we can get very busy, so be prepared to wait and enjoy some refreshments while you do so. Only one item at a time please (although you can go round again if there’s time) and try not to arrive too late as we may not be able to  accommodate you!

Our 2024 posters and flyers with all our dates are available at the Café, so you won’t forget.  And don’t forget to pick up a free car sticker and one of our smart new bamboo pens so you can spread the word!

Chailey Repair Café is part of a  world-wide movement where volunteer experts repair things free of charge – although a donation towards running costs is invited. Anyone can bring along broken items or clothing needing repair from home, and have a cuppa and a cake while they wait.

Not sure if we can fix your stuff? Contact  us at and we’ll see what we can do to help.

See you very soon!!

Bryan McAlley and the Chailey Repair Café team

Brown and white cow on green grass field during daytime

Chailey Common cattle grazing

Cattle have just moved onto Pound, Memorial & Romany Ridge Commons, as of 21st April 2023.

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Uncontested Results of Election

The Uncontested Results of the Election on 4th May have now been published.

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Mill Lane/A275 Crossing Point

The Parish Council has commissioned East Sussex Highways to prepare a Feasibility Study in regard to improving provision for students and others crossing the A275 between the Brickyard Lane bus-stop and Mill Lane.

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Sports Pavilion Repair Works

The Sports Pavilion suffered a burst pipe in the freeze/thaw before Christmas.